TEAM Italia shows Air Wings at Monaco

TEAM Italia is using the Monaco Yacht Show to display its new Air Wings system, a new integrated nav-com solution which controls and manages all onboard systems through 3D technology, multi-touch controls and joggers, and a 4K display.

“The most innovative wheelhouse concepts are currently moving towards a clear change in the usability of this part of the yacht,” says Massimo Minnella, CEO of TEAM Italia. “The pilothouse area has become panoramic, and the heavy structures which often used to hold the racks have been removed. By doing so, design has become an increasingly more important feature, creating pleasantly sociable areas which can be enjoyed by both owners and guests.”

The I-Bridge Air Wings features three consoles – port and starboard side consoles that feature the navigation systems, conning display, multi-control touch display and touch joggers and trackballs, and a central console with a stretch 4K display, 4K touch display, and a touch display for JP controls and thrust levers. Also included is the I-Chart table, which is similar to the version shown in 2016 but with the addition of a conning display panel that can be configured according to the operator’s desires.

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