Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 (6th-11th September 2016)

Rise in the presence of yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 (6th-11th September 2016) fitted with Onyx Marine Automation systems.

The new Navetta 37, one of the top models in the Ferretti Custom Line production,features a comprehensive monitoring system produced by Onyx Marine using the very latest electronic technologies Click here to learn more

Pershing models 62, 70, 82, 108 and the brand new Pershing 5x are fitted with the electronic trim control system EasyTrim developed by Onyx Marine. Said system, combined with TopSystem surface drives makes it possible to maintain the very best trim during sailing, automatically adjusting both trim and flap in order to guarantee a top performance and onboard comfort. Click here to learn more

The new Riva 76 Bahamas features an innovative convertible hard top which opens out into a sundeck, turning the yacht into an Open, simply by pressing a button. Onyx Marine oversaw development of the electronics for controlling handling of the hard top. Click here to learn more

Models DL Dreamline 34 and 26 are both equipped with Onyx Marine monitoring and control systems, featuring the very latest available functions: biometric identification, speech synthesis, large screen LCD display, innovative graphics. Click here to learn more

Explorer Darwin 102 and Nauta Air 108 are fitted with an Onyx Marine automation system which, besides the traditional yacht monitoring functions, also offers highly sophisticated onboard energy management functions. Click here to learn more